We deal majorly with humanitarian support by filling the gap where we feel the larger community is missing to see the need of stepping in by touching small but vulnerable groups of persons, we are inspired by Mother Teresa’s wisdom that, “We may not be able to feed the thousands but we can start by feeding one,” it is from the same spirit that we get renewed to carry on with our endeavor with the limited resources that we have.

Among the major objectives that we undertake are:

Feeding Program (Children)

This is a program that involves feeding the children in schools. GUTEALL takes upon itself the obligation of supplementing what the government is offering. The organization supplies cereals, cooking oils and other foodstuffs. We deal with schools where the number of orphans is very high due to post-election violence and HIV. That is why our organization has the school feeding program. We give every affected child one hot lunch with nutritional value, every school day, throughout the year.

Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Knitting nannies

Knitting Nannies

This program improves economic and social status of the elderly ladies. There is a great need to look and care after the elderly and the vulnerable widows as a way of giving back to the society. We have seen an irresistible need to reach out to all of them since; we feel that it is our inescapable obligation. This category entails  providing them with the resources which they need in their knitting project. This ensures that they do not lack materials and at the end of each session, they are offered a small token that will boost them in their day to day living.

Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Vocational training

Vocational Training

There are courses such as mechanical training, beauty and dressmaking and hairdressing which are offered to the youth. There is a great potential to those who undertake the course since the professional training that they get for free equip them with competitive skills which they get from professionals.

Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Music and dance

Music and Dancing Program

This entails training for those who are interested in learning music regardless of their age or gender. The empowerment comes through music and sport; as a way of giving them a healthy lifestyle and recreational facilities. Through these activities, they are able unwind from the strenuous day to day life. The training takes one hour at least twice a week with a professional coach.

Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

This is another program that is offered for free to those who are passionate to learn simple recipes to complex desserts. Those who have food preparation and design as a hobby are taken through the program and they end up getting a career they can rely on for financial independence.

Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Jewellery makingGenesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Jewellery making

Jewellery Making

Beads and other necessities are provided for those who want to learn how to make ornaments like necklaces, anklets and bracelets. The program is taught for free by professionals.

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Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Rehabilitating children and young adults

Rehabilitating Children

The Children’s Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitative services including physical, occupational, and speech and language pathology therapies, as well as feeding therapy.

Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL Rehabilitating Ex-Prisoners

Rehabilitation of Ex-prisoners

Ex-prisoners battles with social stigma that hinders their reintegration, along with joblessness, poverty, rejection by family members and lack of rehabilitation projects.
We collaborates with the prison welfare department  and other institutions who provides direct services such as bursaries, Job training and placement food for ex-prisoners with families to feed.

Sign Language by Genesis Umbrella To Empower All - GUTEALL

Sign Language training

This provides a fantastic foundation for raising our children’s awareness of disability and eradicating prejudice, therefore making our communities stronger.
The student gains knowledge of statistics, various levels of deafness, equipment and technical aids. We are developing a policy where sign language will be integrated in school curriculum.